Buffet Restaurants in Dubai

List of Top 10 buffet restaurants in Dubai

No doubt, Dubai is one of the hottest destinations among tourists. It welcomes guests from all around the world while offering great sightseeing, clubs, restaurants, and hotels. It has become a giant global food arcade where a person can enjoy both international and local cuisines. Dubai offers an assortment of restaurants offering Japanese, Chinese, Mexican, and South Asian with great emphasis on quality, taste, and hygiene. It also offers a number of buffet restaurants that are not only reasonably priced but are also unbeatable in taste. Following is a list of some of the best buffet restaurants in Dubai that you should visit for a memorable experience.

1. The Cavendish Restaurant:

If you want to enjoy British, European, and international cuisines in a reasonably priced buffet restaurant then The Cavendish restaurant is the best place for you to visit. This restaurant caters lunch, brunch, breakfast, private dining, private dining, and buffet dining according to the wishes of the guests. This restaurant is very popular among American and European tourists as beverages are also served with the food. The food is presented beautifully with much importance given to taste and hygiene.

2. The Talk – Movenpick Hotel:

The atmosphere and ambiance of this restaurant are great for breakfast, lunch, family dining, brunch, and buffet. You can enjoy tasty international cuisine in an outdoor setting accompanied by beautiful sights. Enjoy your favorite drink while relaxing with a great view of the Dubai beach. Sit back and let your taste buds enjoy a feast fit for a king. To avoid disappointment, reserve your table in advance and have a memorable night under the Arabian stars.

3. Kitchen6:

Kitchen6 is basically a dining restaurant where every food item is available whole day long. However, the best thing about this restaurant is the international buffets which are available from Sunday to Tuesday evening from 7 pm to 11 at night. Italian tandoors, Middle Eastern grills, European bread, Asian woks, and international buffets can clearly be seen being prepared through the glass walls of the restaurant. In fact, with the open kitchen, you can keep an eye on the chefs while they prepare fresh food for you. The buffet nights at the restaurant are basically theme nights with the themes ranging from Mediterranean to even street food! The buffet is truly lavish and should be visited at least once while in Dubai.

4. Spice Island:

In a place where numerous restaurants are working their way to be the best buffet restaurants, Spice Island has clearly made its way to be one of top buffet restaurants in Dubai. Inside the restaurant, you will find hundreds of tables and live stations for cooking which have been devoted to Japanese, Tex-Mex, Arabian, European, and seafood. In this restaurant, you will find something for every palate which is why the restaurant is so famous. Additionally, the abundant food and the spacious design make the restaurant a favorite of many, specifically for group get-togethers and parties. For the convenience of the customers, the restaurant offers three different packages; one is where you get soft drinks with your buffet, the second one is where you get regular house beverages with the buffet, and the third package includes premium beverages with the buffet.

5. Kaleidoscope:

Located in Atlantis, The Palm, Kaleidoscope is the best choice for those that can’t make up their minds about what they want to eat as well as for those that want to have a taste of all of the cuisines from around the world. Kaleidoscope promises one of the most impressive buffets that come with live cooking stations and open interactive kitchens for increased customer experience. At this restaurant, you can indulge yourself in thousands of dishes and make your taste buds indulge in pure ecstasy.

6. Saffron:

Saffron, located at Atlantis, The Palm, has enough to offer that it provides no room for even the fussiest of eaters to complain. The surrounding of the restaurant is not chic at all. However, it consists of salad bars to dessert islands and from sushi stands to grill stations. A person would definitely have the impression that the place would look too crowded with all of these things. But all of these work well together and it is pretty easy to navigate yourself around other guests. Not only does the restaurant provide the widest variety, it is also light on the pocket as compared to the other buffet restaurants in Dubai.

7. Rangoli:

Rangoli is a unique Gujarati restaurant for vegetarians. The all-you-can-eat vegetable thali is served on a large round tray. In this thali, there are five small dishes which contain beans, salad, vegetable curries, daal, chapati and two different types of beautifully cooked rice. You can ask for second, third or more helpings. The food is tasty, the chapatis are fresh and hot, and they are served with a glass of lassi to give it an authentic sub-continental touch. A buffet at Rangoli is a bargain and is worth every penny. We recommend this restaurant to all vegetarians who value taste and a pleasant atmosphere to go with the delightful food.

While the above mentioned restaurants are one of the best buffet places in Dubai, let’s look at the three establishments that are highly recommended.

8. Latitude:

The international buffet at the Latitude covers hundreds of dishes so regardless of what you are in the mood for, you would most probably find it here, and that too of high quality. The diverse cuisine of the restaurant leaves you dazed and confused when it comes to choosing what you want to eat. Apart from all of these features, you also have the option of selecting fresh meat, fresh fish and homemade pasta from a wide variety and have them cooked at the live cooking stations of the restaurant, right in front of you. Then, when you are done with the main courses, you can indulge yourself in the numerous desserts which include the children’s favorite – the chocolate fountain. Additionally, the atmosphere of the restaurant is welcoming with a live band that plays regularly.

9. Anise:

Anise is a quaint little restaurant situated in the lobby of Intercontinental Dubai Festival City. It offers a wide variety of food consisting of Middle Eastern, Asian, Continental, and Arabian cuisines. Their main courses are scrumptious and chilled cocktails are out of this world. Their specialties are lamb chops, lamb fillet, Indian chicken curry, king prawns, and last but not the least the mouth-watering chocolate fondue. The quality and flavor of the offered buffet are incomparable. That is why it is hard to get a table without prior reservations. If you are a food lover then this buffet is not to be missed. Make sure you make your reservation in time.

10. Al Dawaar:

Al Dawaar is a revolving restaurant that offers a majestic view of the Dubai skyline and Marina. It is the only restaurant of its kind situated in the Hyatt Regency Dubai on the 25th floor. The restaurant is famous for its Middle Eastern, Arabian, International, and European cuisines. It offers a great variety of seafood such as sushi, shrimps, mussels, oysters, and prawns which are delicious and delectable. They also offer a huge variety of desert and salads that are tasty and mouthwatering. This restaurant is very popular among tourists and local that is why it is better you have a reservation to avoid disappointment.

So, if you want to experience the taste of buffet restaurants in Dubai then make sure to visit the establishments shared in this list. All of them are the best places to be with Latitude, Anise, and Al-Dawaar being highly recommended.