Chinese Restaurant in Dubai

A look at Chinese Restaurants in Dubai

As any vacation is a perfect time for couples, families or friends, any trip to your favorite destination is incomplete until you spend some money on exclusive fine dining experience and to enjoy that time to the fullest. The Middle East, undoubtedly, has some of the best and most flavorful cuisines, but tourism in Dubai has helped financiers to invest in high-class restaurants that offer international cuisine. Dubai is now much more than the city of high-end shopping malls and skyscrapers, and the city is known well for its modern and international fine dining restaurants when it comes to culinary experiences.

If you fancy a taste of Asia, then not to worry, here is a list of some of the best Chinese restaurants in Dubai offering fine cuisine, stunning views and excellent service.

Zheng He, Mina A’ Salam, Madinat Jumeirah, Dubai

Situated waterside at the Mina A’ Salam, Zheng He is definitely is a fine spot for those who pine for additionally rich Chinese cuisine. With culinary prowess to match its divine interiors, the restaurant offers an ultimate feasting experience with a huge variety of well-known Chinese dishes. With conventional Chinese cuisine with modern day aptitude, the ambiance and interior of the place offer dim-lit, date-like intimacy with a relaxed atmosphere and regal Far Eastern décor that will win you over. Usually, for their Friday brunch, the doors are thrown widely open, light streaming into the peculiarly decorated space, combined with Oriental wooden furnishings and hanging birdcages resulting in a notably lighter, brighter and more laid-back mood.

Although not cheap, the restaurant’s romantic setting by the magnificent waterways of the Madinat Jumeirah and the views of the Burj Al Arab make it one of the popular Chinese restaurants and adds to the fantastic overall effect for diners wanting to sample the delectable cuisine. In the hands of Executive Chef Jeff Tan, the restaurant attracts streams of A-list diners to feast on a variety of quintessentially oriental dishes. With a live tank displaying crab and lobster daily, the menu mostly features fresh seafood as well as popular turbot, snapper and grouper. From the dim sum to the duck, carefully assembled by Chef Kenmin Foo Chin Fatt, everything is sublime here including the new à la carte menu representing an orchestrated selection of soups appetizers, broths and dim sums.

For a delightful authentic cuisine with vibrant and stylish interiors, you can also book a table for a memorable dining experience on the quayside terrace that offers al fresco dining by the resort’s waterways along with stunning views of the Burj Al Arab.

Hakkasan, Emirates Towers Hotel, Trade Center Area, Dubai

The first Chinese restaurant in Europe to be awarded a Michelin star, the Hakkasan is a certified Chinese restaurant in Dubai where exquisite food and modern, authentic decor combine to create a unique dining experience. Famous for the excellence of its food and services, the award-winning independent restaurant offers an extensive menu of mouthwatering and recognized Chinese cuisines that will definitely gratify your hunger. You can experience the elegant vibe of the restaurant once you step onto a blue carpet, rolled out in front of the restaurant’s separate entrance with a stone corridor leading to a stunning terrace with falling wooden pavilions. With gold, black and pale jade green touches throughout the restaurant, the skillfully carved wooden screens creates a luxurious ambiance with low lighting and secluded opulence.

The restaurant offers a modern take on Chinese cuisine with a menu consisting of carefully picked authentic but modern Cantonese cookery. For starter, the Hakka steamed dim sum platter is recommended that is served as a plentiful mix of scallop shumai, chicken, har gau, and sweetcorn dumplings, and the crispy duck salad loaded with pomelo, shallots and pine nuts. For the mains, you can try the Spicy Prawn with lily bulbs and almonds, or the Steamed Red Snapper with Assam sauce and charcoal-grilled black cod with truffle sauce and sticky rice. For dessert, the hazelnut Jivara bomb with chocolate sauce is simply delightful, and the Pavlova with spiced plums and brandy ice cream is a perfect end to the evening.

With an impeccable service, authentic cuisine, gorgeous atmosphere and staff well versed on the dishes, the Hakkasan lives up to its price tag and is strongly recommended for the lovers of Asian gastronomy.

Shang Palace, Shangri-La, Sheikh Zayed Road, Trade Centre Area

One of the more upscale Chinese restaurants, the Shang Palace showcases style, class and offers a delightful taste of traditional Cantonese cuisine and a vast variety of exquisite, mouth-watering Cantonese and provincial delicacies, complemented by authentic Chinese hospitality. The restaurant might not have the hip vibe of its DIFC opponent, Royal China, but the unique fusion of mystical Far Eastern ambiance and the finest cuisine with its traditional red contrasts with burnished gold tones, round-table dining room setting and dim lighting ensures a truly memorable dining experience. Diners can’t help but admire the dark wooden furniture and ceramic décor.

Shang Palace offers a large selection of delectable Cantonese cuisine and is famous for its Yum Cha, much-admired Beijing Duck and an extensive list of fragrant teas and other authentic beverages. For starter, mixed appetizer platter is ideal for sharing with marinated jellyfish with spicy sauce and barbecued corn-fed chicken. For mains, the Pan-seared Black Angus Beef Ribs, the Crispy Assorted Mushrooms in Sweet and Sour Sauce, the Beijing duck, and the Sautéed Sliced Chicken and Garoupa Fillet are recommended. The restaurant also offers a variety of clay pot dishes, including eggplant with shrimp in spicy sauce and king scallop with asparagus and black truffle. Also, the staff is always available for help and inquiries throughout your meal.

With a wonderful service, delicious food and delightful atmosphere, Shang Palace is definitely recommended if you are looking for a decent Chinese meal in Dubai. Although, the prices are a bit steep, a visit to the restaurant is worth the trip when you are in Dubai.

Lan Kwai-Fong, Movenpick Hotel, Near Lamcy Plaza, Dubai

In the backstreets of Oud Metha, this Far Eastern gem is your go-to place for authentic Hong Kong Food. Don’t let the bland décor and mediocre ambiance put you off because the Cantonese cuisine is worth a visit alone. The interiors are a bit old-fashioned but are still very typical of Hong Kong street restaurants with the décor representing Chinese culture with its tasteful and traditional designs. Although not expensive, the furniture at the restaurant is very oriental, and a big wall-décor showing sights of Hong Kong, nicely decorated enough to know that you’re eating at a Chinese restaurant.

You might not like the place if you are a fan of spicy desi Chinese food because the ingredients maintain their individual tastes and flavors and don’t allow the sauces to become overbearing. The restaurant is more famous for its Cantonese cuisine with a wide variety of mouth-watering dishes such as their Duck & Plum Dip, Beef Chili, deep-fried sesame prawn toasts, and the crispy, thin and delectably sinful Peking duck, that comes topped with green slivered scallions, hoisin sauce and cucumbers. You can also try the try traditional Chinese delicacies such as the standard beef and chicken stir fries with oyster sauce and sautéed vegies, seafood soup and fresh abalone.

China Club, Radisson Blu Hotel, Dubai Deira

You will be dazzled by the interior’s vivid and rich homage to China with traditional tapestries and intricate silks adorning the walls of this restaurant. With a welcoming and friendly staff, this popular spot in Radisson Blu Deira is one of Dubai’s reliable Chinese eateries with a first class decor, pleasant and elegantly refined ambiance in which traditional Chinese décor meets contemporary informality. You can also go for an exquisite private dining partition enclosed in vibrant curtains for a special celebration or discreet business dinner along with central rotating tray so everyone can reach the most significant culinary regions of China.

Each evening, the restaurant offers à la carte menu and for lunchtime, the place is known for its wholesome and delicious Yum-cha feast of dim sum, noodles, and rice dishes. Also, throughout the evening, their signature iced tea is served with the meals. The food selection is a bit interesting at China Club because you can just sit at your table, enjoy conversation with tea, and select from a cart that is pushed around to your table containing bite-sized portions of the dishes. Also, if you prefer, you can order à la carte from the menu, and the restaurant also serves an equal selection of items for vegetarians made specially to order.

For starters, the Har Gau (crystal shrimp dumplings) is recommended with chicken corn soup. For the main, Chicken Sweet and Sour, tender and flavorful Beef with black bean sauce, perfectly cooked stir-fried lobster with spring onion and ginger, and steamed and crispy fried Double cooked duck are recommended. For veggies, they can go with wok-fried bean curd with Chinese pickles and the moreish stir-fried Szechuan fragrant eggplant. Also, save some room for equally delightful desserts like refreshing chilled coconut cream and sago pearls or chilled mango pudding with a fresh strawberry.

You are definitely going to love the rich, authentic feel of the restaurant with its pleasant and elegant ambiance, which combined with their delicious gastronomy and responsive staff and quick service, will make you come back to this brilliant culinary sensation.

Noodle Bowl, Al Madina Al Riyadiya, Dubai

Founded by Michael Teng in 2008, a former businessman, Noodle Bowl is best known for its authentic “Strait Food” offering a menu comprising of dishes from Cantonese and South East Asian cuisine prepared by talented Native Chefs from China and Malaysia. You can dine indoor or outdoor on a patio and enjoy eating in a Chinese fare like environment. The restaurant is always buzzing with folks enjoying duck pancakes, dim sum or huge noodle dishes with friends or family. The menu offers a huge variety of almost 200 dishes and Teng always makes it sure that every dish on the menu is available to the customers anytime.

One of their favorites is the Ginger Chicken, but the menu has a lot you can try according to your taste. Dim sum is recommended as a starter for your lunch, dinner or even breakfast as it is made fresh with hands despite loads of restaurants offering them in Dubai. In addition to famous Chinese dishes, you can also try some of their Malaysian specialities too such as Shrimp Laska Soup, a favorite of Malaysians prepared using ingredients like spicy coconut, shrimp, fish, tofu, lemongrass and noodles. You should also give Nasi Goreng Kampong a try, which is a stir fried rice Malaysian dish including egg, kankong, rice and fried anchovies with a finishing of green onions. Noodle Bowl is a recommended place for anyone who loves to eat Chinese food in a comfortable and reasonably priced restaurant.

Zen Restaurant, Metropolis Tower, Business Bay

The place is basically a home-delivery or take-away restaurant with a quite small seating area available for almost ten people because most of the space is covered by their kitchen which is always busy preparing orders from the takeaway. The restaurant has fuchsia branding as is very cheerful with a bright and sparklingly clean interior. Nicky Ramchandani, the passionate owner, has spent many years in Thailand and is running Zen restraint for more than 15 years. The place offers delicious Thai and Chinese food which can surpass anyone’s expectation, but we like the Thai part of the menu more.

From starters to main course to sauces (which are freshly made in-house daily) everything is just cooked with perfection. Salt and Pepper Prawns is one of the best dishes on their menu, which offers prawns firmly cooked revealing a lightly spicy taste. Chinese satay, a treat for your taste buds, is served with pungent tamarind sauce. Also, the Holy Basil chicken stir fry served with rice has spicy undertones and rich flavor of garlic and basil. Laab Nam Tok is a spicy North Eastern Thai salad including ingredients like grilled beef, onions, and mint leaves with chili-lime dressing. Anyone, who is a fan of Thai or Chinese food, would be amazed to find this hidden gem of a restaurant.

China Sea, Al Maktoum Street, Al Rigga, Dubai

Situated in Deira, China Sea is an old Dubai restaurant offering distinct Chinese cuisine in a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere. The staff is very professional; very active, alert and knows their dishes very well. The ambiance is calm and cool with an eccentric interior, and the décor is a feast for your eyes as it feels to be outlandish. A huge water tank with live seafood welcomes customers on the entrance whereas the restaurant has a casual and low-key aura. You can also get yourself entertained by the karaoke session going on upstairs. Anyone looking for a Chinese restaurant serving wonderful food in a no-frill dining, China Sea would be their best stop.

Many unique dishes cover the menu ranging from spicy Chicken Gooteys to Peking ducks. What makes their noodles special is that they are crafted on the spot and then served with some of the yummiest sauces along with other side dishes. The Double Taste Duck is not the one to be missed, which has a crispy crust and pancake trimmings alongside a plate full of duck bones. The crispy, crunchy bones with a little bit of meat still left on them are simply tempting and absolutely irresistible. China Sea is the place if you are fond of delicious Chinese food and want to spend some quality time with friends or family.

Long Yin Restaurant, Le Meridien Dubai, Airport Road, Garhoud

Long Yin is situated in Garhoud and has distinguished its place among other Chinese restaurants in Dubai by serving exclusive Chinese food made by native chefs from Hong Kong. Le Meridien offers some of the finest dinings in the city with its 18 different restaurants, and Long Yin is one of them. The brand itself is a symbol of class and style and offers the finest dining experience to the customers having a taste for authentic Cantonese and Schezwan cuisine. Long Yin has a very traditional Chinese décor with dark wood, bamboos and wall panels painted with Chinese warriors using a color pallet of purple and blues giving it a posh look. A huge statue of smiling Buddha welcomes the guests as they walk through the entrance with an amalgamated interior of traditional and modern adornments. The dim lighting sets a scene for a perfectly delightful dinner in an alluring ambiance with the best quality of food and highly professional customer service.

The menu has a lot to offer allowing you to choose from dim sum menu which has more than 34 appetizing options. All of the dishes are prepared in a full glass-fronted kitchen so that customers can enjoy sighting their favorites being prepared. Famous for starters, the Fried prawns are served with wasabi, steamed beef sio mai and steamed chicken dumplings with a wonderful taste and the Pecking duck pancakes are served with flavorsome hoi sin sauce. For mains, recommended are the deep fried chicken breast served with a unique sweet and sour sauce and the Wok-fried tenderloin beef cube; a Vietnamese style dish that is a chef’s special dish. And for the dessert, you must try their ginger crème bluree which is crisp-topped in creamy custard with chunks of lightly spicy ginger having a sour pineapple on the top that will prove to be a wonderful treat for any dessert lover.

P.F. Chang’s Restaurant, Dubai Mall, Waterfall Promenade

One of the great places offering incredibly delicious Chinese food in Dubai is none other than P.F. Chang’s China Bistro. The restaurant is located in Midrif City Center at its ground with a classy and unique ambiance. The aim of their staff is to make sure that their guests have an experience of their life time by providing best customer service while having a memorable dining experience. The mesmerizing typical Chinese interior takes you a delightful journey to China where Chinese lanterns are hanging from the ceiling, dark wood on walls painted with Chinese life scenes. There are huge stone statues inside along with life-size horse statue placed at the entrance. The restaurant is always buzzing with people despite having a large area which shows its likeability among customers.

The restaurant’s specialty “Beijing duck” is remarkably soft having a rich seasoned flavor and the Chicken Ginger is mouthwatering with just the right amount of ginger without having a very strong gingery taste. The stir-fried chicken has a unique soy flavor served with crunchy noodles and lettuce. The Chang’s Spicy Chicken has cubed chicken that is covered in a sauce that’s sweet, spicy, and tangy. The menu also offers a variety of shrimp dishes which have a large portion size as compared to other appetizers and are served with different exquisite sauces. The desserts are also large in size and are made to be shared as the cakes are suitable for four people. One of the exclusivity in their desserts is that while you order any dessert, they show you replicas made out of plastic of dessert to show what they would look like. This is a great idea and a lot better than preparing real food as examples and then wasting it later. So, you should always leave some room to enjoy their desserts too.