Japanese Restaurant Dubai

Top Ten Japanese Restaurants in Dubai

Dubai is rightly called the crown of the UAE because it entices people with so many wonders it has to offer. But have you ever wondered how Dubai has managed to stand as one of the hottest tourist’s destination in the world? Well, Dubai earned this reputation because it never settles anything less than first place. It has to offer you everything you want that is why expatriates from around the globe try their luck to get settled in Dubai. The Japanese community also sustained a distinguished position in Dubai and introduced much of their culture in the area. Japanese restaurants are plentiful in Dubai and people love their meals for the unusual ingredients and exotic tastes they have to offer. Here is a list of the top ten Japanese restaurants in Dubai if you’re interested in tasting such cuisine.

1. Zuma

The top notch Japanese and sushi cuisines can be best entertained at the Zuma Japanese Restaurant which is located in the heart of city, the Dubai International Finance Center. The world’s tallest building, Burj Khalifa, is where you’ll find the Zuma Restaurant. Chef Rainer Becker was the one who got inspired from the Japanese Izakaya style of dining and laid the foundation of Zuma. The establishment is famous for its Izakaya style in which food is presented to guests throughout their dining experience. Such an informal and amiable ambiance captures tourists around the globe. The highly sophisticated staff caters to your every need, whether it is lunch, dinner or even drinks.

2. Mazina

Relish the epitome of delicious delights at Mazina Restaurant which is located in Dubai Marina. This vibrant setting has made it a very exciting relaxation point for tourists. If you are in Dubai then you can experience the authentic taste of Japanese food by visiting the Mazina Restaurant during your stay. The stylish kitchens of Mazina fire up rich Japanese food along with many other varieties such as Asian, European and Arabic cuisine. So, you can even be a bit daring and order Japanese food and eat it with cuisine from other parts of the world. The food is cooked live on a grill from the moment you place your order. The Mazina sushi is one of its most famous dishes.

3. Nobu

Atlantis, or the Palm Jumeirah, has another gem in its territory called Nobu. This restaurant was named after its founder Chef Nobu Matsuhisa who revivified the traditional Japanese way of cooking. Nobu is famous for the mish-mash of old and modern Japanese recipes. The most innovative thing about Nobu is that it combines Japanese and Arabic recipes together. Novelty is the signature of every dish served at Nobu restaurant. It has such an excellent interactive environment that compels people to deem it as one of the top ten Japanese Restaurants in Dubai.

4. Okku

Another top class Japanese restaurant in Dubai is Okku which is situated on Sheikh Zayed road. This is one of the most recommended restaurants in Dubai. The menu and distinct Japanese recipes of Okku can make you a fan of Japanese food if you aren’t already. Executive Chef Sato Gardiner is an expert in bringing novelty in every bite. Cutting-edge services of Okku cater to every food related need that you might have. They serve a wide array of Asian, Japanese, Chinese and other different foods. It also has VIP dining rooms, an ultra-chic bar, and a mezzanine lounge that features a live sushi bar. The perfect style and environment of Okku allows customers to relax and enjoy delicious food.

5. Armani/Hashi

The magnificent Armani/Hashi is located in Burj Khalifa providing panoramic views of the land of wonders, Dubai. When you enter the restaurant, a nice friendly ambiance welcomes you from every corner. The food quality is peerless. Dancing fountains aggravate the taste of the food that you’ll be served with. The restaurant offers a variety of food. The menu include Angus beef, chicken, seafood, wagyu, and much more. Sushi is also available in a very different style compared to what other restaurants serve.

6. Creek Japanese

Taste the best ever Japanese food in Dubai at the Creek Japanese Restaurant. Creek’s hospitality and leading food quality allow it to be one of the best restaurants in the area. The cozy and chic setting doubles the flavor of its delectable food. It presents Japanese, Thai, Chinese and Asian cuisines. The sushi bar is marvelous, and you must taste it before you leave Dubai. It also hosts classical Japanese choices like the teppanyaki table, sashimi and creamy broths that add colors to the unique dining experience offered by Creek Japanese.

7. Buddha Bar

When it comes to finding style, cuisine and sophistication at one place, then the Buddha Bar is where you need to be. The Buddha Bar is conveniently located in Grosvenor House Dubai. It is one of the most sought after Japanese restaurants in Dubai for it offers fantastic tasting experience with the food it serves. The stunning interior design of the restaurant takes you to new heights of elegance. The mouthwatering cuisine is a perfect fusion of savor, color and aroma. The modus operandi of Buddha Bar’s cuisine is to serve innovative foods inspired by Thai, Japanese and Chinese cuisine. You can also enjoy cocktails and drinks served by the Buddha Bar while relaxing in its elegant upstairs lounge.

Though the above mentioned Japanese Restaurants in Dubai are one of the best, here are the top three recommendations you need to know about.

8. Miyako

Hyatt Regency has a food-related jewel called the Miyako Japanese Restaurant. It is known as the most sought after restaurant of Duba

The reason behind its popularity is its fabulous cuisine and elegant décor. You should opt to eat at Miyako for any reason, any time of the day, for it offers different packages such as: Quiet dinner, fine dining, group dining, informal dinners and even late nights. You can enjoy dinning as you please as Miyako. The sushi offered by this establishment is one of the best. You can go for tuna, salmon and even barbecued eel.

9. Shangai Chic

The Movenpick Ibn Battuta Gate Dubai has a myriad of dining venues for Asian Cuisines. But the style, flavor and the passion of Shangai Chic is something that not many restaurants can give. Its stylish, sophisticated and romantic ambiance makes all the difference for it to be considered one of the best. The Shangai Chic is also rich in offering traditional tastes like Peking duck, pancakes with sweet sauce, onions and cucumbers. They work with the concept of “unlimited tasting night” so their food quality is peerless. This fashionable, elegant and modern venue is perfect for special nights and gatherings. The moment you enter their private seating booths, a burgundy couch and hanging Chinese lanterns will welcome you. Everything in Shangai Chic is truly unique, chic and provides you with one of the best dining experiences.

10. Blue Jade

The impressive Blue Jade restaurant is also located in the heart of Jumeirah Beach. It has earned the status of “Best Southeast Asian Restaurant of 2015” because of its contemporariness and innovation. It provides different cuisines such as Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese and Singaporean. The sushi and other seafood meals offered by this restaurant taste exquisite. The credit behind the cuisine’s outstanding flavor goes to Chef Ta Van who takes inspiration from his native Vietnamese food and his grandmother’s recipes. He is also an expert in highlighting diverse cultures with the food he prepares.

Japanese food is one of the most delicious around the world. So, if you’re interested in tasting such meals then do visit these Japanese restaurants in Dubai. All of them are exquisite with Miyako, Shangai Chic, and Blude Jade being the most recommended.