Lebanese Restaurant Dubai

Top 10 Lebanese Restaurants Dubai

Dubai has always been known for its Middle Eastern restaurants. Apart from having a great variety of items, Lebanese cuisine is also known to be as not only one of the freshest cuisines, but also one of the tastiest. If you’re someone who’ll be visiting the city then make sure you experience the taste of a Lebanese restaurant in Dubai.
Mentioned below are some of the finest Lebanese restaurants that you will ever find in Dubai!

1. Al Nafoorah

At Al Nafoorah, you can rediscover the amiability of the renowned Lebanese hospitality while enjoying live entertainment and filling your food cravings with delectable Lebanese food. The environment of this Lebanese restaurant in Dubai is one that can be considered absolutely inviting because of how relaxed and warm it is although the dark wood carvings and the high ceilings portray more of a regal feel. The restaurant offers an extensive list of Lebanese traditional dishes including shawarmas, mezzeh, and meat grills. So, whether you decide to dine on the terrace that overlooks palm Jumeirah or you decide to dine in with live music, you will find the staff hospitable and friendly at all times.

2. Café blanc

At Café blanc, you get to experience the Lebanese cuisine with a different twist, in a contemporary manner! The menu includes items that will definitely please your taste buds such as the mixed meat plate, the fattoush salad, and the exquisite dessert known as meghleh. The scrumptious, finger licking food, and the well-mannered and friendly staff makes the experience of dining definitely worthwhile! The restaurant should definitely be on your list of must-visit restaurants.

3. Shu

When you enter this restaurant for the first time, you will be captivated by the grand interior of this establishment. Shu has a lighting setup which is absolutely unique and the furniture is colored brightly which adds to the ambiance of the restaurant; definitely, at least for a few minutes, you will be spellbound by the overall environment. The same will hold true for the Lebanese food that this restaurant has to offer. Shu serves all of the favorites from the Lebanese cuisine such as the sujok, tabbouleh, and falafel, and that too done perfectly which will leave you wanting for more.

4. Fish Basket

What makes this restaurant stand out from the other Lebanese restaurants in Dubai is the flair which the restaurant successfully combines with its countless fish entrees. This Lebanese restaurant in Dubai is situated in Oud Metha and has almost all of the species of fish that you can imagine. The remarkable service of the staff takes care of all of your needs while you enjoy the mind blowing fish meals with a Lebanese twist. Apart from the popular houmous and fattoush, the wide array of seafood like calamari, prawns, and crab, are also mouthwaterig. All of the seafood is fresh and is cooked according to your preferred taste ensuring an experience of a lifetime.

5. Mir Amin

The Mir Amin restaurant is famous for providing customers with a perfect blend of delicious Lebanese cuisine and the best vibrant atmosphere possible. The restaurant has a number of branches; the first branch is at the Jumeirah Beach Road while the most recent branch is situated at the Dubai Marina Walk. Here customers not only get to enjoy scrumptious Lebanese food, they also get to enjoy the view of all the yachts that have been anchored at the Dubai Walk while numerous people cross by enjoying the sunset and the overall beautiful scenery of the place. Surely, the restaurant is a must visit.

6. Awafi

Awafi supplies you with Lebanese food in a way you would have never imagined; by the poolside! You won’t have to worry about bagging the best seat in the house since all of the seats are already set and provide the best environment. Additionally, the staff is friendly and accommodating while the food bursts in your mouth and excites your taste buds. Some of the food delicacies that you should definitely try are the fattoush, as well as the spinach sambusak. If you want, you can also add a delicious fresh fruit juice to your platter. All in all, you won’t be disappointed with what the restaurant has in store for you.

7. Al Tannour

Al Tannour is situated in the Crowne Plaza which is an upscale hotel so naturally, the restaurants within the hotel will also be upscale to go with the quality of the establishment. Al Tannour puts out such Lebanese dishes that provide serious competition to all of the other Lebanese restaurants in Dubai. The food items never fail to impress even the most discriminating of people and their specialties: tender lamb chop and shish kabab, are definite must-haves to have the best experience! Apart from great food, the restaurant provides live entertainment; belly dancers and a live band make the experience much better.
While the above names are one of the best Lebanese restaurants you can go for when visiting Dubai, here are our three top picks!

8. Al Qasr

There is no doubt that Al Qasr ranks as the best Lebanese restaurant in Dubai. Al Qasr is a fine dining establishment where you have the option of dining out on the terrace that overlooks the pool beneath it, or you can choose to dine indoors as well in case of a more formal event. The service is so spectacular that customers are in marvel of it. The starters of the Lebanese cuisine such as the fattoush salad or the houmous are absolutely mind blowing. Al Qasr is more on the pricier side. However, if you consider the service as well as the quality of the food it offers then you’ll find that the prices are justified.

9. Jedoudna Restaurant

The Jedoudna restaurant is situated in an impressive location; at JBR on the corner of The Walk. The outdoor seating of the restaurant is specifically strategic because patrons use it well in the winters. Inside, the restaurant is cozier and resembles a café, instead of being sophisticated like a more traditional establishment. Regardless the Jedoudna Restaurant has an extensive menu with a wide variety of Lebanese classic dishes. Even the breakfast menu, which applies from 7am to 12pm, has a number of Lebanese staples such as fresh labneh and foul medammes. All in all, the service is not only quick, but also efficient, and the food tastes good.

10. Amaseena

Amaseena is a buffet-style Lebanese restaurant which is situated at the Ritz-Carlton. So, naturally it would offer elegance and class. At Amaseena you can have a taste of the best ambiance under the huge tents on the shore of the beach while also dining on scrumptious Lebanese food. Of course, the restaurant has a few must-haves which include the luscious and moist lamb chops, the freshly grilled shrimp, and the finger licking fattoush salad. The restaurant costs more than an average Lebanese restaurant does, however, the unique dining experience and the delicious food makes it all completely worth it.

So, these were our top 10 of Lebanese restaurants in Dubai, with the Amaseena, Jedoudna, and Al Qasr being the best of the best. Make sure to check them out if you happen to visit the city next time.