Thai Restaurant Dubai

List of Top 10 Thai Restaurants in Dubai

There is a reason why Thailand is one of the most famous tourist destinations and it is not only because of their temples and their islands. A trip to Thailand is incomplete without enjoying their flavorsome cuisine. But did you know, you can get a taste of authentic Thai food while you are in Dubai as well? Here is a list of the top 10 Thai restaurants present in Dubai.

1. Lotus One

The dishes offered at Lotus One are not only tasty but are also very different from other Thai restaurants. If you are a seafood fan or are in the mood for some steak then Lotus One will provide you with an unusual twist to all the dishes which will make you a regular of this restaurant. The staff is very helpful and will be happy to answer all your queries. As with all the top restaurants in Dubai, the atmosphere of Lotus One is welcoming and the menu is extensive. Use their assistance to order according to your mood and enjoy a once in a lifetime experience.

2. Thai Kitchen

Thai kitchen, situated in one of the posh localities in Park Hyatt, is one of the classiest restaurants in Dubai. The food is excellent and the service is impeccable. From salads to entrees to soups, all of the dishes are perfectly cooked and exquisitely presented. The Friday brunch offered by Thai kitchen is the perfect opportunity for Thai cuisine lovers to experience a variety of dishes at very reasonable prices. Be sure to make a stop at this restaurant and have a true Thai experience.

3. Thiptara

Thiptara means ‘magic on the water’. Dining in this restaurant will prove to be a magical experience due to its location and the exotic dishes offered. The restaurant is built on water, providing breathtaking views of the Dubai Fountains and Burj Khalifa. The atmosphere is luxurious and romantic. If you want to impress that special someone then make a booking at Thiptara and have a memorable evening. The food is not only tasty but also inventive and well plated. You can eat on the terrace and create a magical memory under the stars.

4. Sukhothai

Sukhothai promises a number of amazing things like its fine service, the elegant décor, and not to forget the inclusive menu. Apart from all of these things, you will obviously find Thai cuisine prepared perfectly. The restaurant also provides a number of combination dishes like the Royal Thai which are quite pleasing because you get a chance to enjoy a sample of the best dishes that Sukhothai offers. The food tastes all the better because of the comfort that the interior of the restaurant provides. What makes the restaurant even more impressive is the fact that the pricing isn’t that high. So, you can enjoy authentic Thai food without worrying about it being too heavy on your pocket. Next time you feel like having Thai food, try to go to Sukhothai for a delicious experience.

5. Benjarong

At Benjarong, you not only get to enjoy true Thai dishes, you also get to enjoy a Thai atmosphere as well. The restaurant has an ornate traditional setting which makes you feel as if you are sitting in a restaurant in Bangkok. The atmosphere at Benjarong is really pleasant and the diners definitely enjoy the live music that is available around the clock. When it comes down to the food, the curry dishes do not fail to impress since they are not only super fresh but are also packed with flavor. When you visit this restaurant, make sure that you at least try out the numerous starters as well as the mouthwatering desserts so that you get a taste of the entire Thai cuisine.

6. Black Canyon

The Black Canyon is located at the Dubai Marina and is a proud owner of a number of unique attributes because of which it stands out from a lot of other Thai restaurants in Dubai. The décor and the service of the restaurants guarantees a pleasing experience while the Thai food ensures that your taste buds have the time of their lives! The Thai enriched menu is extensive with one of the most popular dishes being the red chicken curry while the beef curry is favored because of its spiciness. Additionally, the prices at the Black Canyon are totally reasonable, which is another reason why you should go to this restaurant when you’re visiting Dubai.

7. Blue elephant

As soon as you enter the restaurant, you are immediately taken to a completely different land; the one of a kind design of the restaurant is surely aesthetically pleasing while the food also has a sheer authentic flavor. The most favorable entrée that is a must try is the chicken satay, however, all of the other entrees are equally impressive including those entrees that have seafood, beef, or chicken as the main component. The Thai food experience is made even better because of the extremely accommodating staff and their down to earth attitude which makes them all the more pleasing to have around.
While the above mentioned Thai restaurants in Dubai are impressive, here are the three that really stand out from the rest.

8. Little Bangkok

As the name suggests if you want to experience true Thai cuisine then Little Bangkok is the right choice. The restaurant is very beautiful with dark paneling and perfect lighting to make its customers feel welcome. The staff is very courteous and helpful to provide any knowledgeable suggestions to the customers about what to order. Each dish is superbly presented, bursting with fresh colors and individual touches. The dish that is not to be missed is their signature dish called the poo nim tod krab. The main ingredient of this dish is shell crab which is fried with garlic and lots of chili to give it an unforgettable flavor. The menu consists of many exotic dishes which are sure to get your taste buds ecstatic.

9. Pai Thai

Pai Thai has become a Dubai classic due to its unique taste. The atmosphere of this open-air restaurant is very elegant and romantic. Live music presented by renowned local bands adds to the ambiance of the place. Their menu looks practically endless with thousands of Thai dishes to choose from! Special care is taken with the presentation of every dish. The taste is very original that is why many people visit this restaurant again and again. Traditional Thai curries and sticky rice offered in Pai Thai are one of the best in the world! You can enjoy Thai food while sitting out on the terrace and gazing into the water. The restaurant specializes in spicy Thai food which not only adds fire to the menu but also adds flair. Regardless of what you order, everything is finger licking and mouthwatering.

10. Lemongrass

Lemongrass offers a number of authentic Thai dishes at very reasonable prices in Dubai. You can dispel the notion that taste only comes after paying a high price once you’ve eaten at Lemongrass. The plump prawn curry of this restaurant is one the best green curries served in Dubai. Whether you order the beef curry or the chicken curry you can be sure to get a mouthwatering dish. The service is also very friendly and helpful. After dinner, you can enjoy a cup of ginger tea to help you relax. A trip to Dubai is incomplete if you do not experience the superb food at Lemongrass.

So, if you happen to be in Dubai and want to experience Thai food then make sure to check out the restaurants presented in this list. While all of them are exceptional, dining at Little Bangkok, Pai Thai, amd Lemongrass is highly recommended.